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メールサーバーの障害により、iPhoneアプリサポートへの問合せメッセージが滞留し、大変ご不便をお掛けしました。心よりお詫び申し上げます。 We found the messages for App support were suspended due to the malfunction of our mail server. We apologise any inconvenience caused.

Amusement Arcade Game Development

業務用AM機器全般の開発及びソフト ウェア委託開発などゲーム制作業務全般の受託 We create original and unique coin-operated arcade games for fun and novelty redemption.

iOS アプリ開発

iPhone向けアプリ開発業務全般    フィットネス支援アプリCogmonシリーズ好評販売中

iOS App Development

The mobile phone contents business is becoming a major platform for the game today. We aim to develop a professionally designed and uniquely creative product.

BBQ @ Electrocoin Open Day

(lovely sunshine + nice people + happy BBQ) – bad economy =...

21st Jun

Go Go Grand Prix

GGGP at Exhibition : AOU Show in Japan: Enada Show in Rome: EAG Show in...

25th May

Nostalgia from 2008

This is our nostalgia PV of Wacky Races arcade game we developed using...

22nd Jan
Nostalgia from 2008